Dreams of love
Dreams of love takes me to heaven, 
Brings blushes in my face. 
Feel every second as new, 
I am in wonderland, with her. 

The breeze and birds sing-song of our love. 
Happy moments never end here, 
Life looks like infinity. 
Never feels to come out. 

There is an end for every dream. 
The sun was rushing to the sky, 
The clock markers were running, 
Alarm and rays of sun end my dream. 

I feel bad i left her midway, 
But always i leave her a promise,
to meet her the next day. 

I know she will be happy the next day. 
She will never ask what happened last day. 
She know i am the truth and she is my love, 
But i don't know, who she is. 
Remembrance of my life , 
10:12:28 PM October 21, 2007