"I don't fear about my mistakes, before my time some one will make a time-machine and I will correct all my mistakes" - from an optimistic
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Caching Windows Updates using Squid apt-cacher jesred

If there are lot of windows 2000/Xp/etc. system in your network and all run schedule update, not only it eat some of your bandwidth but also same update file wil...

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ഊരാക്കുടുക്ക് - A Malayalam short story

My father (Madhavanunni T M) wrote a short story and it is published online in puzha.com. The short story titled “Oorakudukku ( ഊരാക്കുടുക്ക് )”. I am re-posting ...

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Another night

I met her on the street, The day was new to me. A new way in front of me, I forgot the days behind.

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